Laboratory Balances

The demands of ever increasing technological advances in modern laboratory settings require semi-micro, analytical and toploading balances that support multiple applications. We offer the balances you need in today’s technology rich laboratory.

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Industrial Scales

Whatever the weighing application, precise results are crucial. Solidly built from the ground up for exacting results, our line of industrial bench scales, toploading, washdown, NTEP and counting scales deliver quality, precision and performance.

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What's New

Automated Ashing with PrepAsh

Intelligent Weighing Technology now offers the most sophisticated Automatic Ashing Machine available in the world. The prepASH®, manufactured in Switzerland, is a computer controlled ashing system used in many industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, fuels, animal foods, etc., to determine moisture content, residual ash, volatiles, fixed-carbon and LOI (loss on ignition). It is used to test a huge variety of products automatically, leading to huge reductions in time and man hours.

The built-in 0.0001 g balance accurately weighs the crucibles for up to 29 individual samples. The Integral oven heats the samples to complete the process of measuring moisture content. Then the samples are heated to 1000 degree C to completely ash the samples. Process reports are generated automatically.

A unique feature of the prepASH is the ability to undertake sulphated ashing and other complex analyses with chemical scrubbers. Click Here for more on PrepAsh

New Instructional Videos

Need help setting up and calibrating your UFM Bench Scale? Did you need to change the indicator from pounds to kilograms? Find out how in our new instructional videos. We’ve released videos on calibrating your UFM Scale, fault-finding on your UFM indicator, and navigating the indicator’s menu. Click Here to see our videos

Popular Brands


Swiss technology makes these semi-micro, analytical and toploading balances the life-long reliability standard of the industry.

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With Vibra tuning fork technology you can simply turn on your analytical or toploading balance and start weighing. No fuss, no bother. Made in Japan.

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Sartorius Intec

The Miras® 2 high performance laboratory bench scale is the work horse of any lab application, requiring higher capacity than balances.

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With quality made to last, UWE bench scales, toploading, washdown, NTEP and counting scales are simple and flexible to suit a wide range of industrial weighing applications.

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